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Ventilation Installation and Maintenance

Energy efficient homes in Comox Valley  whether they are new or existing, require some form of whole house ventilation in order to help maintain indoor air quality.

When it comes to mechanical whole house ventilation systems there are four basic mechanical types. These types of systems are exhaust, supply, balanced and energy recovery.

Whole House Exhaust Ventilation Systems
This type of system operates by depressurizing the home.  This is achieved by the system exhausting air from inside of the home while outdoor air infiltrates the home through leaks and passive vents.  Exhaust ventilation systems are better suited for colder climates.
Exhaust ventilation systems are not that complex and do not cost that much to have installed. Typically, consisting of just a centrally located single fan, there is not much complexity at all in installing one, rather it’s pretty straightforward. A much better design however, is the fan being connected to a series of ducts from multiple rooms.

Whole House Supply Ventilation Systems
These types of systems make use of a fan that pressurizes the home. It forces outdoor air into the home while indoor air leaks out through vents, fan ducts, range hoods, and other cracks and holes.  Just like exhaust ventilation systems, supply ventilation systems are pretty straightforward to have installed and are also rather inexpensive.  The usual system has a single fan and a duct system that will bring fresh outdoor air into one or multiple rooms.
Offering better control over the air that enters the home, they also minimize outdoor pollutants by use of air filters. Supply ventilation systems operate best in hot or mixed climates.

Whole House Balanced Ventilation Systems
Balanced ventilation systems, if professionally designed and installed, do not pressurize nor depressurize the home. Rather, they pull in equal amounts of fresh, outdoor air while extracting equal amounts of stale, inside air.  A balanced ventilation system typically consists of two fans and two duct systems.  Like supply systems, balanced ventilation systems also can use filters to help remove volatile airborne pollutants from the indoor air.
Balanced ventilation systems are also appropriate for all types of climates. However, since these systems require two fans and two duct systems, they tend to be more expensive to install and operate than supply or exhaust counterparts.

Whole House Energy Recovery Ventilation Systems
Energy recovery ventilation systems provide a much more controlled method of ventilating a home all the while reducing energy loss.  They accomplish this in the winter through transferring heat from the warm inside air to the outside cold air that is being channeled in.  In the summer, they extract the cold from the indoor air and mix it with the fresh, outdoor air that is channeled in.

Most energy recovery ventilation systems can recover anywhere between 70 to 80 percent of the energy that is being extracted. They are most cost-effective in climates that experience extreme winters or summers. In milder climates the system may exceed the energy savings from not having to condition the supply air.
Energy recovery ventilation systems require much more maintenance than other ventilation systems.  These systems need to be cleaned on a regular basis to help the prevention of deterioration and to help prevent mold and bacteria building up on the heat exchanger surfaces.

Why Choose Oasis Air? 
When you choose to use Oasis Air for your whole house ventilation system needs you can rest assured in your decision as we are one of the leading experts in the field within the Comox valley area. Our technicians also stay up to date by continuing their education in the HVAC field by taking ongoing classes to help them stay on top of emerging technologies, techniques and innovations in the field.  All of this helps Oasis Air provide you with the service you want and need. You can count on us to get the job done correctly, professionally and with your safety in mind.

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