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Advantages of Mini-Split Systems

Flexible Solutions – Central heating and cooling systems deliver conditioned air through ductwork, whereas, mini split systems have no need for ducts and deliver conditioned air directly to a room or zone.  They are also very compact and take up very little space, making them ideal solutions for townhomes, apartments and the like.

Savings – Overall costs for these systems is a big reason to consider the switch. Homes that use conventional heating and cooling systems to condition the inside air have to deal with a whole slew of potential problems that are associated with the operation of these units. Conventional systems composes of many more parts that have to be routinely maintained in order to ensure that the system is working at optimal levels. Mini split systems are flexible, easier to maintain, do not require much space, and offer more control over which parts of the home you wish to condition the air in.  This alone can mean saving a ton in energy costs in the long run.

Indoor Air Quality – conventional HVAC systems use air ducts in order to deliver conditioned air throughout the home.  The vents must be cleaned regularly and the ducts should be cleaned annually.  Even with proper cleaning there will be airborne pollutants and irritants that will be missed.  Mini split systems, have no need for ductwork, and some models offer multi-stage filtration that can significantly reduce these airborne pollutants and allergens from the indoor air.

Quick and Easy – Installation is a breeze with mini split systems, unlike conventional heating and cooling systems which can be complicated, expensive and require huge amounts of patience that can take up to several weeks to complete. Depending on how many mini split systems are installed in a home, they can be installed and up and running in as little as a day.

Carbon Footprint – Due to the compact size of mini split systems, no need for ductwork, and the ability to control which rooms are being conditioned, they leave a much smaller carbon footprint than conventional systems.

Why Choose Oasis Air? When you choose to use Oasis Air for your whole house mini split system needs you can rest assured in your decision as we are one of the leading experts in the field within the Comox valley area. Our technicians also stay up to date by continuing their education in the HVAC field by taking ongoing classes to help them stay on top of emerging technologies, techniques and innovations in the field.  All of this helps Oasis Air provide you with the service you want and need. You can count on us to get the job done correctly, professionally and with your safety in mind.

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