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Thinking on purchase a new Gas Furnace?

Furnaces are dedicated to supplying heat to the home. In most homes, furnaces play a major role in the heating system. The most common type of furnace in Canada is a natural gas furnace.

Other furnaces include include electric furnace, propane furnace, and oil furnace.

Furnaces are usually part of a larger system known as the HVAC system. HVAC systems include heating, ventilation, and air conditioning.

When purchasing a new furnace, there are three main features that will affect both price and performance: efficiency, the gas valve, and the blower motor. Normally, furnaces that have a higher performance will also have a higher price.

Our Oasis Air professionals can help find, install and maintenance the right furnace for your everyday needs.


Oasis Air guarantees & products

Oasis Air  working with multiple furnace brands with their own advantages and benefits.

When comparing heating systems,

Oasis Air   will take the time to understand your needs and recommend a furnace solution that best meets your needs.

Oasis Air  will bring comfort to your home!

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